I’m still sanding!

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Jan 172016

There’s a line in one of Elton John’s songs, “I am still standing”. In my case it’s “I’m still sanding” !

It’s quite a process to finish a piece well. Sanding to get ready for the finish, and then sanding between coats (at least 3)

As you can imagine with this piece this has taken me a while but I am getting closer to completion.
















I am also starting another piece in between sanding


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Refining the base – not an after thought!

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Dec 062015

20151206_172702_smlAll woodturners know that the base of the vessel is just as important as the rest and should not just be after thought.I have done some work on the base today, it’s not finished yet but getting there. Still lots of shape refining for the rest of the vessel though.

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If I am not at the lathe………..

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Nov 282015

Then I am here – my carving corner

20151128_200108_001_smlI mainly carve using power tools but will use hand tools where I get better results. My 2 flexshaft tools are shown in front with the woodburner in the background

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Refining the flowers

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Nov 152015

20151115_193031_sml20151115_193111_001_smlI am working at refining the details of the flowers, nearly done and then the leaves. It’s time consuming but I love the end result.









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Rough shaping of leaves done

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Oct 252015

20151025_191447_smlThe rough shaping of the leaves has been done – moving onto details now. I really like the look of this.

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