Starting the leaves

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Oct 182015

20151018_173249_smlThe rough carving of the flowers has been done and now I move onto the leaves. I spent some time today doing the layout and have also started doing the leaves themselves. I like how this is coming!

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Some reorganization required

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Oct 042015

20151004_175633_smlI spent some time this week working to improve my workshop organization. This came from our old kitchen but the shelves were too deep. They have now been resized. A couple more to be done.

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More flowers – Another piece in the works

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Sep 272015

Following the Irene exhibition, I realised that folk really liked the flowers. So I am now busy with a new piece. Started as part of a demo at the Woodworking Association of Pretoria exhibition.

20150927_172524_smlThe vessel has been turned from Jacaranda and will have panels of flowers with dividers in between. Shown here is the rough carving with lots of detailing to go. Seeing that the cut outs have been done I reckon the hardest part is over.

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Smile Upon Smile

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Sep 162015

_DSC5885Turned and carved from Jacaranda, stands about 190 mm ( 7 1/2″) tall. The choice of title I hope, is obvious and reflects the absolute need for joy and humour within society.

This piece has stretched me – it may beĀ  a while before I do something like this again:)

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It’s not ready – I need to refinish

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Sep 062015

I am having to refinish this – it has come out blotchy and now has to be sanded off. ThisĀ  needs to be ready for the upcoming exhibition.


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